65 Max Entertainment Inc. was founded in 2005 by Ron Henderson (CEO). 65 Max is an independent record label and apparel company located in northern California. 65 Max has a staff of producers, writers, and 8 talented artists. The artist talent range from insightful hip hop lyrics to enticing r&b ballots. Our theme is ‘All Roads Lead 65 Max’. This slogan comes from the freeway speed limit being 65 throughout the Bay area. Our corporate creative concept has been used to market quality urban clothing using several tasteful “Follow the Road” designs in the form of T-shirts, jackets, blouses, hooded sweat shirts, hats and accessories.

As the business progressed a gem was created, 65max.com. The growing website includes audio, computer, photography, and graphic design services. 65Max entertainment provides a foundation where artist and musicians can explore their talents through creative expression.

Our website is WWW.65max.com we have our entire catalog available online, purchases can be made directly through the site via a user – friendly online store. We have our site submitted to various search engines for more traffic.

Foundation: ‘All Roads lead 65 Max foundation’ is founded by Pamela Henderson (CFO) of 65 Max Entertainment Inc. All roads lead 65max foundation is an organization dedicated to empowering, exposing, and enriching young ladies transitioning into foster homes. Our center will be the resource hub to support this transition. The center will provide a variety of enrichment classes as well as educational courses. We plan to provide resources to help young ladies discover their own passions and talents. During their visit with us we wish to make an impact on their outlook on life in a positive way.

Image: We want 65 Max Entertainment to be seen and heard worldwide, we expect to achieve this image through our ongoing promotion, publicity, and advertising tactics. Enclosing we are striving to be the best in northern California showing excellence, perseverance which will lead all roads to 65 Max!